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AKC Registered Labrador Breeder, located just East of Dallas Texas, and considered one of the Best Lab Breeders in the USA – Hargrove Heaven Farm is a Family operated farm east of Dallas with a passion for Labs. We breed only the best, healthiest labradors in all colors. We specialize in Silver Labs, Charcoal Labs, Champagne Labs, Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, Fox Red Labs, White and Black Labs. All of our labs are registered and full blooded Labrador Retriever’s. Our dogs come from some of the finest breeders in the US with champion pedigrees. Thats why many folks consider us one of the Best Lab Breeders in Texas! All puppies are sold with AKC pet registration only, no breeding.

All Puppies Come With Our Puppy Starter Program

8 week old with the starter program. He goes home tomorrow and is already crate trained and sleeping through the night. He also responds to verbal and non-verbal hand commands. Find out more here!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page or Instagram Page for more pictures and information. Email us today [email protected]! See why we are called one of the Best Lab Breeders in Texas!

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Are you out of state? No worries, we HAND DELIVER and will meet you at the airport of your choice. Pups are carried on the plane and hand delivered. Contact us for more information.

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Find out all about our prices, starter program, ENS (THE SUPER DOG PROGRAM) and the care packages you can send to help us give your scent to your puppy before you take delivery of your new family member. Read More

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Potty Training

These babies are 4 weeks old. They already know there’s a “place” for using the bathroom and it’s not where they play, eat, or sleep.

Outdoor Sensory & Exposure Areas

A safe puppy play area is crucial for their development. Here at Hargrove Heaven Farm, we have done just that. As you can see we have a beautiful play area outside for them to chew, play, mingle and have some fun in the sun when they aren’t sleeping or eating.

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We can’t say enough good things about Hargrove Heaven Farm!!! From the very first email, to picking up our fur baby – everything was smooth sailing. Mandi is so great!! We chose to do the Training Program and we are SO GLAD WE DID. Our little Blue could “sit” and “heel” the day we took him home at 8 weeks. Now, at 4 months, Blue is heeling, sitting, staying, laying down and he’s even retrieving!! He is such a smart, BEAUTIFUL puppy and are so in love. Thank you so much Hargrove Heaven Farm Labradors!
Claire G.

We brought Colt home at 7 weeks this past thanksgiving and have been working with him ever since to become a bird dog! He’s doing so incredibly well!!! Thank you Mandi for the best dog, he’s so smart and we love him SO much!!!!

Lindsey S., Your Content Goes Here

Hi Mandi! Dax is 8 weeks old today. And although omg puppies are exhausting, she has been the greatest joy, and we are completely and forever in love with her. THANK YOU I regret not seeing outside of my own excitement and joy when we picked her up: to give you the time, a moment, that you deserve to say goodbye. You raise not just these pups, but the moms and dads that help raise them too; you work and provide every day for their precious lives; you wake early and probably stay up late and give them your life and your heart (while still somehow making time for husband, children, family). You are superhuman. And Beth and I both want you to know we see, every day, in Dax the love, care, and attention that you committed to her. Dax is and will always be from you, from your incredible farm and family, from the green lands east of Dallas, and we will also see a wonderful side of her known as Hargrove. 8 weeks old. She’s grown so much in the last 6 days it seems. We are over the moon with her. And we are forever grateful to you and your family. She is so courageous. And absolutely hilarious sometimes. She is deeply loved, and we are committed to doing right by her, with a big respectful nod to the months you put in and the wonderful pup of amazing potential you gave us Saturday July 4th 2020. Our lives will never be the same, and we couldn’t be happier. Always the very best from Beth and Mikey and Dax!!

Beth, Mikey and Dax, Your Content Goes Here

I absolutely can’t thank y’all enough for the time and love you put into your pups!! Now at 5 months old he is as gentle, loving, and sweet as I could ever hope my kiddos childhood dog would be! Our youngest will snatch his toy and throw it for him while he patiently sits and waits. Seriously, I can’t thank y’all enough for doing what you do! You’ve given us one sweet, sweet boy to love… not to mention a gorgeous one at that!!! 😍

Holly C., Your Content Goes Here

I can’t say thank you enough for our precious Belle. She is so gentle with our kids. These two are best friends! He’s always laying on her and she’s always by his side. She’s almost 4 months but she alerted me that he went out our back door. He can’t get out of our fence but she didn’t know that and wanted to make sure he was safe. As soon as she alerted me she ran to his side.

Julie A., Your Content Goes Here

Happy 1st Birthday to our Chanel (Miss Purple) & her litter mates. Shooter & Benelli 06-05-21. We love her to the moon and back. Our little fancy, prancer, petite girl weighs in at 56 lbs. She has been such a good puppy, eager to please and learn. Hargrove has the best Labradors! ❤️🎂🎈

Kristen A., Your Content Goes Here

Meet The Hargrove Family

HHFL is a Labrador heaven! We live on a 21 acre farm with horses, pigs, goats, chickens, a goose, and of course LABS!!! We also have 4 small children so our dogs and puppies are highly socialized and exposed to lots of stimulii. Our days are spent outside from sun up to sun down. The dogs spend their day in and out of the pond, running with 4 wheelers, or napping on the porch. Our Labs are family first, they are raised and live inside our home surrounded by love.

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Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio

Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

AKC Labrador Breeder North Texas

Our dogs are English and half English labs known for their calm temperaments and blocky heads. Contact us today for your next Family, Service, or Hunting companion. Labs truly are the best dogs on the planet. They are a medium-sized dog breed with square proportions. It is sturdy and has big bones. It has strong jaws, which allow it to retrieve large prey from water. It’s a good swimmer and has strong legs that allow it to be both a good runner and swimmer. It has a short double coat with a soft undercoat and a straight, dense overcoat. The Labrador sheds a little but has minimal grooming needs and have been the most popular dogs for several years. Labs are a sociable, happy and devoted dog. It is good with other dogs and friendly towards children. AKC Labrador Breeder North Texas The adaptability and trainability of the breed finds it utilized in many dog guide and assistance programs, as well as excelling in substance detection or search and rescue work. And, of course, with proper training and socializing, Labrador Retrievers are wonderful family companions. Today the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the United States and it has held that position since 1992. Be sure to visit our Facebook page or Instagram page for more pictures and information. Email us today [email protected]! See why we are called one of the Best Lab Breeders in Texas

I’d like to introduce Graham. Graham is 5 years old and he is in desperate need of a service dog. Graham has Autism and his Doctors have recommended a service dog to help with his coping skills. Graham is almost nonverbal and cannot be left unattended. He needs help with all daily activities and cannot function alone. Lets help Graham get the help he needs. Let’s make a difference in his life.