Labrador Guardian Homes Needed!

We currently have several dogs that live in guardian homes. What is a guardian home?  This is where a dog has a family away from our home.  There are various reasons that a dog lives in a guardian home.  Some dogs do better with more one on one, prefer a job, or like a quiet family home where they can get more attention.  We have quite a few dogs here and some dogs do not do as well in a setting with lots of competition. They live with their family most of the time, however come to us in heat or to whelp puppies, or to breed to current females depending on their planned schedule.  Most of these dogs will only have one or two litters while in the guardian home.  Once the pups are weaned and picked up, the female goes back to her guardian home. Some are moving closer to retirement and they live such short precious lifes. If we can give them that one on one family life versus a pack situation, we will. It is our obligation to give them the best of what they have left. Some are hunters and titled hunt test dogs, and some better suited as family pets.  If you are interested in being a guardian or retirement home for one of our dogs, please contact us.