Welcome to Hargrove Heaven Farm KIDS

A nonprofit organization

Our goal is to help a child in need one Labrador at a time. Each year we select one to two children who would benefit from a service dog and the Labrador is trained to meet that child’s requirements. Through the generosity of the Hargrove Heaven Community, we can make a child’s dreams of owning a service dog a reality. Once a year we have an auction exclusively for those on our waiting list. The highest bidder/winner can skip the waitlist and reserve a spot from an upcoming litter of their choice. 100% of the proceeds go towards the raising and training of a service dog puppy for a child in need. As our program grows, I feel an obligation to help as many kids as we can help. We need you to make that happen!

Every dollar we raise via the Hargrove Heaven Farm Facebook group, website, auction or other activities will go into this fund and be allocated to  children with special needs by way of Labradors, of course.

We welcome any and all fundraising ideas you may have. If you’d like to apply or nominate a child in need. Please send an email to [email protected]. Together we have the ability to make a difference in a child’s life.

I’d like to introduce Graham. Graham is 5 years old and he is in desperate need of a service dog.

Graham has Autism and his Doctors have recommended a service dog to help with his coping skills. Graham is almost nonverbal and cannot be left unattended. He needs help with all daily activities and cannot function alone. Lets help Graham get the help he needs. Let’s make a difference in his life.

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