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Chocolate Labrador Breeder in Texas

The Chocolate Labrador Retriever has a wide range of color shades. from a light silvery brown, to medium brown, to dark brown. Eye color in a chocolate lab can be dark drown, bright green, hazel, or light yellow. All puppies have blue eyes when they are born but don’t let that fool you as it will not last long and they will change within 6 months. Always look at the parents, it will give you a good idea as to what your puppy will look like grown. Chocolate Labs were not recognized by the AKC till 1917 but they were around long before then. Chocolate Labradors were once considered the ugly duckling of the Labrador breed. I don’t know why Chocolate labs were so disliked, its bazaar to us now. In the early 1900’s only black was acceptable. By the 1920’s and 30’s a few Chocolate Labradors were making an appearance in the field and show rings. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Chocolate Labs began to really grow in popularity, with a high demand from ordinary homeowners and families. Today they are considered one of the most beautiful and extremely popular Labrador color, but it took a long time again for this rare and unique color to be accepted.  With their great personalities and willingness to please, the chocolate Labrador, along with all the other colors, has earned a top spot in the heart of millions. Like all Labrador colors, chocolates have a sweet and soft temperament. Eyes are the window to the soul of a lab, the eyes tell the story of this extremely outgoing playful breed. Chocolate Labs are bred to point, flush, and retrieve. They are also amazing search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, and assistance dogs. They are smart and gentle which makes them the perfect family dogs, and this is true of all colors of the Labrador Retriever. They are ranked 1st in AKC as one of the top most owned dog breed. Picking a color is a personal preference, no matter the color you choose, all labs are bred to excel in every environment or task put in front of them.

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