Labrador Prices | Starter Program in Texas | ENS (The Super Dog Program)

ENS (early neurological stimulation)..THE SUPER DOG PROGRAM. These exercises are performed during specific periods of brain development to improve stress responses. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, and greater resistance to disease.

Labrador Puppy Starter Program

ALL PUPPIES COME STARTED WITH OUR PUPPY STARTER PROGRAM and training is already included in the price. The same amount of time, testing, titles, work, training, blood, sweat, tears and love go into every puppy. Labradors are all the same regardless of coat color. There is a non refundable deposit of $500 to get on the waiting list. The deposit goes towards your balance. The typical wait time is 3 to 14 months depending on sex and color preferences.

Care Packages for your Labrador Puppy

What are care packages? Our families mail us personal items with their scent sealed in baggies, usually worn tshirts or a stuffy. We put those items in the crates with their pups at night the week before pickup. That way, they’re already used to your smell before they even meet you!!

Starter Program

We put alot into our puppies. We start them early, much the same way service pups are started. We start training from day one using the Military’s superdog program. These are simple exercises introduced during specific periods of brain development that prepare them for stressful situations later in life. When they start weaning, at around 3 weeks old, we will start luring them into positions with puppy food. This teaches them bite inhibition and how to take a treat from my hand gently. We will introduce horse pellets in trays that they use the bathroom in as well, like a litter box. While in the nursery, we play desensitizing sounds that include fireworks, gunshots, babies crying, busy streets, parks and restaurants. These steps prepare them for crate training that starts at 5 weeks old. Group work also starts at 5 weeks and one on one training starts at 6 weeks. By 7 weeks old they know sit with verbal and non verbal hand commands. They are started on a leash. They know their name and come when called. They will be sleeping at night in a crate. Families also mail in care packages that consists of tshirts sealed in a baggy with thier new families scent. They will sleep with these the week leading up to pickup day. Their eyes will be up and I will teach you how to continue what we started on pickup day. Your puppy will never leave our home for training. All training is done here by me and the family and pups are ready to go home at the normal puppy pickup times, between 7 to 9 weeks of age.

Nap Time

Getting on the list today will give you an 3 to 14 month wait depending on your sex and color preferences. I can add you to as many sex and color options as you’d like so you can see which comes up first. When your name comes up I will contact you to discuss options and you can choose to stay or bump to the next litter. We do realize that with the quarantine orders there are lots of families wanting a puppy ASAP/now since they have the time and are at home. These puppies will ultimately end up with anxiety and separation problems when things go back to normal. Your pup has been used to you always being around, then you won’t be.

All pups are sold with AKC pet/companion registration only. 

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