Labrador Prices | Starter Program in Texas

Prices are $2500. NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 to get on the waiting list. The deposit goes towards your balance. ALL puppies come with crate introduction. The typical wait time is 6 to 18 months depending on sex and color preferences. All pups are $2500 no matter the color or sex. The same amount of time, testing, titles, work, training, blood, sweat, tears and love go into every puppy. Labradors are all the same regardless of coat color.

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The first step is getting on the waiting list. The deposit for a puppy not yet born is $500. The deposit is nonrefundable, but always transferrable between all litters. The waiting lists are based on color and sex preferences.

At Hargrove Heaven we put alot into our puppies. Each pup from birth goes through daily stimulation exercises to prepare them for their new homes. Potty training is started at 3 weeks old. We are luring them into sit position by 4 weeks. We also offer a head start program that essentially takes out alot of the hard parts of bringing home a new puppy. When you pick up your new puppy with the starter program, you’re gonna get a puppy that can sit with verbal and non verbal hand commands, walking on a leash, sitting when you stop, and lots of looking up and eye contact. He’ll also be crate trained and sleeping through the night. He will know his name and come when called. The puppy head start program is an extra $500. Space is limited.

Starter Program

8 week old with the starter program. He goes home tomorrow and he’s already crate trained and sleeping through the night. He also responds to verbal and non-verbal hand gestures. Contact us today to find out if we can add the starter program for you and your puppy!

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All pups are sold with AKC pet/companion registration only. Full breeding rights available to approved breeders for an additional $1000.