Champagne Labrador Breeder in Texas

Champagne Labradors are definitely a color you have to see in person for yourself to appreciate. Champagne Labs are a Yellow Labs with a dilute silver gene. They look like a Yellow Lab or Dudley Lab in pictures but in person, they have an iridescent shimmer a photo cannot capture. The AKC recognizes the Champagne color as a shade of yellow and therefore are registered as a Yellow Labrador. Thier eyes can range from a pale green to dark brown. thier noses can be anywhere from black to a light liver brown color. The first time I saw a Champagne Lab, I was in awe of how unique and beautiful the champagne color was. I knew immediately I had to have one (or two). The champagne coat color is not always easy to identify in a Champagne Labrador Retriever. This is because we are used to seeing Yellow Labs in a big range of colors from white to a rich Fox Red. But once you have seen a Champagne Labrador, you’ll appreciate the subtle difference. Champagne, Charcoal, and Silver Labs and their ancestry is beyond reproach. Fortunately, kennel clubs around the world don’t have the pressure from American breeders of “normal” colored Labs and already accept silver Labs without all the political fuss and pressure toward the AKC (the original standard for a lab has always been “a coat of a solid color”). If you should come across any of the remaining “Silver Lab HATE Sites” and you have any doubts you should go directly to the AKC and ask questions to learn the facts. Geneticists have come to understand that recessive genes, like the silver gene, may be passed through many generations going undetected. There are Silver Labs surfaceing here, there, in countries that don’t have records of silver labs…. Further proof they are 100% Labrador.

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