Charcoal Labradors for sale in Texas

Charcoal Labs are very unique, beautiful, and get A LOT of attention, as do all other silver Labs. Charcoal Labradors are a very interesting part of the silver lab debate. Up until 1987 the AKC issued registration papers that listed Silver as a Labrador’s registered color on their registration certificates and color charts. AKC has since then changed the Silver color to a shade of chocolate, and this is still the policy of the AKC. The same goes for Charcoal Labs, being considered a smokey black, and therefore registered as a Black Labrador. Charcoal Labs are a very interesting part of the Silver Lab controversy. Genetically, Charcoal Labrador’s are silver factored Black Labradors. For many decades Charcoal Labrador’s were commonly called Smokey Blacks by breeders. Charcoal Labs can occur randomly in any Labrador to Labrador breeding. They can also be produced by breeding a Black Lab to a Silver factored Lab or a Charcoal lab bred with another Charcoal Lab. Some Charcoal to Charcoal breeding has also produced all colors or an all charcoal litter. The fact that Charcoal labs even exist is a genetic aspect of Silver Labrador’s which proves the Silver genes have been in Labrador’s for many decades if not centuries. If you research old Labrador books, you will find authors who refer to Labrador puppies being born grey, and then turning Black as adults. This is what happens exactly when a Charcoal pup is born. At first, puppies look dark grey then turn smokey black as adults. Clearly, these writers were talking about the Charcoal Lab. Had any of these authors taken the time to breed a smokey to a smokey maybe this big debate today would not be plagued by the breeders who think the silver genes were only recently introduced. Please do your own research. Call the AKC and ask questions. We should love all Labs as labs love us, unconditionally and without prejudice.

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