Yellow Labrador Breeder in Texas

The Yellow Labrador is best known for being guide dogs for the blind but the iconic Labrador Retriever is also one of the worlds most favorite pets. Perhaps more than any other color, the yellow lab has become associated with companionship and Families. The term Yellow Labrador Retriever covers a wide range of colors like White, Champagne, Pale Cream, Butterscotch, and Fox Red. All of these shades are still Yellow Labrador Retrievers. Many of the most famous and successful labs have been yellow. There are lots of Yellow Labrador heroes in literature and on the screen. Like Luath who appeared in the classic Disney movie The Incredible Journey and no one can forget Marley in the movie Marley And Me.  Early Labs were usually Black. This is because the genetic information to create yellow labs has to be present in both parents to get yellow fur. During these times yellow labs were not liked. Many yellow puppies born, were disposed of by breeders and for a long time the yellow color was considered rare. Yellow Lab ancestors were taken to Newfoundland in the 18th century by the tough people who traveled from England to live there. These early labs were hunting and fishing companions that split into two different breeds, The Newfoundland dog,  and the St. Johns dog, or ancestor of our labs. Later, The St. Johns dog was brought back to England where they were bred to create the Labrador Retriever breed we have today. It wasn’t until 1899 that the first Yellow Labrador Retriever was registered. So lets think about this, It took almost 100 years for the yellow lab to be accepted as a breed standard.  Contact Us Today!