Starter Program

8 week old with the starter program. He goes home tomorrow and he’s already crate trained and sleeping through the night. He also responds to verbal and non-verbal hand gestures. Contact us today to find out if we can add the starter program for you and your puppy!

At Hargrove Heaven we put alot into our puppies. Each pup from birth goes through daily stimulation exercises to prepare them for their new homes. Potty training is started at 3 weeks old. We are luring them into sit position by 4 weeks. We also offer a head start program that essentially takes out alot of the hard parts of bringing home a new puppy. When you pick up your new puppy with the starter program, you’re gonna get a puppy that can sit with verbal and non verbal hand commands, walking on a leash, sitting when you stop, and lots of looking up and eye contact. He’ll also be crate trained and sleeping through the night. He will know his name and come when called. The puppy head start program is an extra $500. Space is limited.

All our puppies come up to date on all age appropriate vaccines, dewormings, AKC registration paperwork, health guarantee, health records to take to your vet, sample pack of Nuvet supplements, lifetime breeder support, and additional information.

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Removing dewclaws is the same as cutting off a thumb. There is lots of literature online against removing them.

All puppies are sold with AKC pet registration only, no breeding.

Deposit Policy

We do accept deposits for our waitlist (which are $500) on unborn litters. Hargrove Heaven Farm reserves the right to have 1st pick on any litter.

Visitation Policy

The only way pups receive immunity to diseases and bacteria is through mother’s milk. Pups can easily contract diseases and infections prior to vaccinations. Therefore, for the safety and health of our pups, we do not let anyone come to see pups until the pups have had their first vaccinations. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, for the health and safety of our pets and yours, we DO NOT ALLOW anyone to bring their pets to “visit” or meet a potential new “family member.” At 6 weeks old, pups get their first 5 way vaccinations. After pups reach 7 weeks old, they should be ready for their new homes for those that are picking up in person. All pups that are scheduled to fly somewhere are required to be at least 8 weeks old. We reserve the right to hold a puppy longer than the age of 7 weeks old if we feel the puppy needs more time with littermates. If an entire litter is spoken for before the pups have reached 6 weeks of age, we wait until they are 7 weeks of age and let new puppy owners come and make their selections and take their pups home at that time.

We DO NOT allow visitors to bring their pets to Hargrove Heaven Farm to reduce the possibility of disease, infection, viruses and parasites.

How Pups Get Picked

Most of our litters are spoken for before they are 7 weeks old. Lab pups don’t start showing personality till they are around 6 weeks old, so generally we schedule you (in order of your “pick”) to come pick out and pick up your new pup. We will not hold a puppy unless it has a deposit placed on it.

After the pups receive their first vaccinations, the buyer(s) are contacted to set up a day and time to come and “pick out” their pup. If the buyer is unable to make a pick in person, we can certainly send photos/ videos and allow the buyer make their choice via email photos/ videos. If the buyer cannot make their choice within the specified amount of time the seller allows, the buyer will then forfeit that position of pick to the next buyer.